Kathak Yoga

Inspired by the great sadhus and yogis of India, Pandit Chitresh Das developed Kathak Yoga, a ground-breaking technique which takes Kathak into the realm of spiritual practice, requiring the practitioner to bring mind, body and spirit into unified focus.

Kathak Yoga is one of Pandit Chitresh Das' innovations within tradition. The dancer simultaneously performs rhythmic composition through footwork, movement and expression while simultaneously reciting the underlying rhythmic structure (theka) and singing the corresponding rhythmic melody (lehara). Pandit Das also added the element of playing an instrument on tabla, harmonium or manjira (finger cymbals).

Kathak Yoga is a unique and virtuosic practice requiring the dancer to integrate mind, body and spirit, with the goal of achieving pure bhakti through the dance. Pandit Das' innovation of Kathak Yoga exemplifies the idea that one does not have to go outside of one's own tradition to innovate. 

Watch the Chitresh Das Dance Company members perform a Kathak Yoga.


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