Pandit Das' Philosophy

"Kathak opens a gateway to knowledge. Access to this knowledge comes only through years of systematic study and practice in front of the teacher and alone with oneself.'" - Guruji

Words from Pandit Chitresh Das

Words from Pandit Chitresh Das

My main thrust is to kindle the energy within each student that will propel them beyond their normal levels of endurance. Over time this process develops stamina and strength – the necessary ingredients to sustain between one to two hours of continuous dancing.

I guide this process through the playing of tabla (drums), while reciting the bols (language of the drums and dance) and simultaneously singing lehara (a repetitive melodic phrase). This continuous dancing, drumming, reciting, and singing generates a combined energy force which radiates an exhilarating feeling and a high state of mind.
As my Guruji taught me, "Dance in such a way that your dance becomes one with everything".

Chhandam School of Kathak - Guruji's Nine Principles

1. “Sadvyavhar aur Tehzeeb” - Attitude and Etiquette  सद व्यवहार और तहजीब

2. “Prashikshan” - Study and Training   प्रशिक्षण

3. “Riyaz mehenat ke sath” - Systematic Practice with Deep Exertion रियाज़ मेहनत के साथ

4. “Sarvgyan” - Complete Knowledge of Kathak  सर्वज्ञान

5. “Upaj”- Improvisation  उपज

6. “Shiksha, Prachar aur Suraksha Karna” - Educate, Promote & Preserve शिक्षा, प्रचार, और सुरक्षा करना

7. “Tyaag aur Seva” – Sacrifice & Selfless Service त्याग और सेवा

8. “Sadhana” – Devotional Practice for Life  साधना

9.  “Guru-Shishya Parampara” - Guru-Disciple Tradition गुरु शिष्य परमपरा

Chhandam School of Kathak 9 Principles
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